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This paper describes a new and simple method to determine the molecular weight of proteins in dilute solution, with an error smaller than ∼10%, by using the experimental data of a single small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) curve measured on a relative scale. This procedure does not require the measurement of SAXS intensity on an absolute scale and does not involve a comparison with another SAXS curve determined from a known standard protein. The proposed procedure can be applied to monodisperse systems of proteins in dilute solution, either in monomeric or multimeric state, and it has been successfully tested on SAXS data experimentally determined for proteins with known molecular weights.

According to Langevin, a particle performing a random movement, which we call Brownian motion, is subject to two forces. One dissipative, which we assume to be proportional to its velocity, and another of random character due to the impact of the particle with the molecules of the medium. Considering the simple case of a one-dimensional motion alon...

We describe an approach to model genetic regulatory networks at the level of promotion-inhibition circuitry through a class of stochastic spin models that includes spatial and temporal density fluctuations in a conterraneo way.

Biochemical and biophysical properties of a metagenome-derived GH5 endoglucanase displaying an unconventional domain architecture

Variations in pH modify protonation of the enzyme residues, directly affecting its activity, while leading to structural destabilization only at extreme pH limits. Temperature, on the other hand, has direct influence on mobility, fold, and compactness of the enzyme, causing unfolding of Th Cel7A just above the optimum temperature limit. Finally, we demonstrated that incubation with cellobiose, the product of the reaction and a competitive inhibitor, significantly increased the thermal stability of Th Cel7A. Our studies might provide insights into understanding, at a molecular level, the interplay between structure and activity of Th Cel7A at different pH and temperature conditions.

We have seen that the equations of state are equations deduced from the fundamental relations by differentiation of the thermodynamic potential.

The inhibitory activity of CNF is most likely associated with this oligomeric conformation. In addition, we suggest that the CNF tetramer has a spherical shape and that tyrosinyl residues could play an important role in the oligomerization. The carbohydrate moiety, which is present in most sbγPLIs, is not essential for the inhibitory activity, oligomerization or complex formation of the CNF with the target PLA2. A minor component, comprising pelo more than 16% of the sample, was identified in the CNF preparations. The amino-terminal sequence of that component is similar to the B subunits of the heteromeric sbγPLIs; however, the role played by such daniel dantas net worth molecule in the functionality of the CNF, if any, remains to be determined.

El periodista y autor venezolano es uno do los ganadores del prestigioso galardón que otorga cada añeste la Universidad do Columbia, dedicado a honrar la trayectoria por los reporteros y editores de que buscan plasmar la realidad do América Latina en sus trabajos.

Endo-β-1,4-mannanase from Thermotoga petrophila (TpMan) is a hyperthermostable enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of β-1,4-mannoside linkages in various mannan-containing polysaccharides. A recent study reported that TpMan is composed of a GH5 catalytic check here domain joined by a linker to a carbohydrate-binding domain. However, at this moment, there is pelo three-dimensional structure determined for TpMan. Little is known about the conformation of the TpMan as well daniel dantas mercado livre as the role of the length and flexibility of the linker on the spatial arrangement of the constitutive domains. In this study, we report the first structural characterization of the entire TpMan by small-angle X-ray scattering combined with the three-dimensional structures of the individual domains in order to shed light on the low-resolution model, overall dimensions, and flexibility of this modular enzyme at different temperatures.

LepFNR is the first plastidic type FNR found in bacteria and, despite of its low sequence similarity with plastidic FNRs still displays high catalytic turnover rates. The typical structural and biochemical characteristics of plant FNRs unveiled for LepFNR support a notion of a putative lateral gene transfer which presumably offers Leptospira interrogans evolutionary advantages.

Natural check here phenomena to which we assign a random character occur with great frequency. They are commonly characterized as unpredictable, irregular or erratic, and happen not only in the macroscopic world but also in the microscopic world.

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The dissipation term is chosen to ensure that the thermodynamic equilibrium is described by the Gibbs state. An expression for the quantum entropy production is get more info also provided which properly des...

In this chapter we study systems governed by master equations and defined in a lattice. To each site of lattice there is a stochastic variable that takes only two values which we choose to be + 1 or − 1.

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